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January 07 2016


Satellite bundles - Options, Availability and compare dish TV packages

The level of competition between satellite TV vendors in the BRITISH ISLES is not nearly as intense as the rest of the high speed broadband, TELEVISION and mobile phone sector. The truth is, there are merely a pair of satellite tv vendors in the UK; the subscription-based Sky and the subscription-free Freesat.

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However just because there are not a lot of vendors it does not necessarily mean that there isn’t something for you to take into account when picking your tv company. We should have a look at the concerns you need to ask your own self and the measures you need to take to make the ideal selection.

There are a range of important dissimilarities that split Sky and Freesat as satellite TV suppliers so you will need to take these into consideration when deciding on your service provider. These variances involve:

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Registration - Freesat is subscription zero cost, which would mean that once you have your dish and set-top box you are going to be able to have fun with your service without shelling out an recurring membership cost. Sky on the other hand is a subscription-based company, so you are going to have to pay a once a month service charge to retain the service working.

Stations - Having Sky you can get access to more than 3 HUNDRED TV stations, depending on your subscription whilst with Freesat you’ll get access to just over 100 digital TV channels.

Bundles - With Sky as your service provider you can bundle your satellite TV package with other services including anytime phone calls and truly unlimited internet connection. Freesat currently only offers a standalone satellite service so if you want broadband and a phone line you’ll have to think of other suppliers for those.

HIGH-DEFINITION - At present there are only variety of HD channels on Freeview so if you’re primarily making the switch to satellite TV to enjoy HD TV you’ll want to give significant thought to Sky. No other provider, satellite or otherwise, comes close to Sky’s 70+ HD TV channels.

One of the best factors of satellite TV is how widely offered it is. Not like with cable, wherever you live in the UK you will probably be able to get some type of satellite TV provider.

The best place to start your search is with our satellite TV postcode checker. This will tell you without delay which satellite TV providers and bundles are obtainable in your area. This is specially valuable if you’re looking for a satellite TV and broadband package deal as our postcode checker will give you a good clue of the internet connection speeds you will be able to expect to have in addition to revealing to you if you can get dish TV.

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